Murugan Temples at Ettukudi

Temple Timings and important Festivals

Worship Time :
Morning 6.00 to Afternoon 12.00
Evening 3.00 to Night 9.00 (during normal days).

Karthigai festival is celebrated by performing Archanai, Paal Kaavadi and the presiding deity is taken on procession through the streets during night. kandhasasti festival is celebrated for 10 days during which procession of presiding deity takes place in the morning and Night. Soora samharam is performed on the 6th day Divine wedding of Deivanai on 7th day Divine wedding of Valli on 8th day. Chithira Pouranami festival is celebrated grandly once a year. Ollai chappara festival on 7th procession of car on 9th day. The temple day is kept open for continous two days to facilitate devotees taking part in Paal Kaavadi abishekam and Archanai

Devotees, please feel free to send me additional details on the logistics or about timings as I would like to enhance this section and if possible, a photo of the actual temple. (

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Getting to Ettukudi

The temple contact address is
The Executive Officer/Administrator
Arulmighu Subramaniaswamy Temple , Ettukudi
Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu
India  610212

Ettukudi is in the present Nagapattinam District of Tamil Nadu and is about equidistant from Nagapattinam (30 km to the northeast) and Thirvarur (28 km to the northwest). It can be accessed from either the Nagapattinam- Thiruthuraipoondi road or Thirvarur- Thiruthuraipoondi National highway. The map below shows locations of various Murugan temples in the old Thanjavur distict


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